1. I have information about a case that I would like to make the Council aware of. How do I proceed?
2. What is the relationship between the Council on Ethics, Norges Bank and the Ministry of Finance?
3. In brief, how can a company be excluded?
4. What is product-based exclusion?
5. Which factors are decisive for the exclusion of a company based on its conduct?
6. What criteria may form the basis for exclusion?
7. In how many companies is the Fund invested?
9. With more than 8 000 companies in the Fund’s portfolio, how does the Council on Ethics prioritize its work?
10. Why are companies not being excluded if they have been excluded by other investors?
11. Why does the Council on Ethics not explain at what stage in the process a certain company is when being requested to do so by journalists and others?
12. Is exclusion from the Fund permanent?
13. What kind of sources does the Council on Ethics use when it investigates a company?
14. At what stage does the Council on Ethics contact the company?
15. Why does the Council not recommend that, for example, more money should be invested in ‘green’ companies?